Tips For Keeping Your Small Business’s Computer Network Safe And Secure

12 May 2017
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If you have a small business that has grown to the point where you need to start using a local network with a dedicated file server, then it is important you know how to keep all of your sensitive data secure. Tip: Require Unique Access Accounts for Each Network User Every person who accesses your network and file server must have their own unique access account. This is necessary because it gives you a record of documents that have been accessed and allows your company to control who has access to what information. Read More 

Key Items To Search For When Checking Out Video Surveillance For Theft

2 May 2017
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If you own a store, you are most likely concerned about the possibility of theft of merchandise. Many shop owners will invest in a video surveillance system to assist with the thwarting of shoplifting. If you suspect a customer or employee has been taking items from your store on a regular basis, going over the footage you have obtained will be necessary to prove theft had indeed occurred. Here are some points to be aware of when you look through surveillance video for proof of shoplifting. Read More 

Planning Support For Businesses Without IT Departments

24 April 2017
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Not every business needs a permanently-staffed team of IT (Information Technology) professionals. Unless your business regularly produces technical content or has some significant hazards that cause computers to break on a weekly basis, a couple of in-person staff members augmented with a contracted business IT service would be fine. In some cases, a contracted IT staff is perfectly fine. If you're a business leader who needs IT solutions on rare occasions, here are a few ways that business IT professionals can deliver the services you need. Read More 

Three Electronic Recycling Tips

10 April 2017
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Disposing of electronics can come with complications. The most pressing concern for many people is the data itself - failure to properly dispose of a computer or a cell phone, for example, could result in sensitive data in the wrong hands. Another concern is where the item ends up. Most electronics contain heavy metals and other components that are very dangerous if they esscape the waste stream. This is why most responsible people try to recycle electronics while still protecting their data. Read More 

Preparing Legal Documents for Optical Character Recognition

24 March 2017
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Scanners are frequently used today through the process of Optical Character Recognition. OCR technology is designed to be able to "read" paper documents, turning them into searchable, plain text computer files. Scanning is most prevalent in the legal industry, where OCR technology is used to make discovery documents (documents pertinent to a case) easier to categorize and read. But this also requires a high level of fidelity. Better results are generally acquired through advanced preparation. Read More