Key Items To Search For When Checking Out Video Surveillance For Theft

2 May 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


If you own a store, you are most likely concerned about the possibility of theft of merchandise. Many shop owners will invest in a video surveillance system to assist with the thwarting of shoplifting. If you suspect a customer or employee has been taking items from your store on a regular basis, going over the footage you have obtained will be necessary to prove theft had indeed occurred. Here are some points to be aware of when you look through surveillance video for proof of shoplifting.

Take Note Of The Times Of Customer Presence

The person you suspect is taking things from your store may come inside to browse during the same time frame on more than one instance. When you look back through the footage, make notation of the dates and times of the person's presence. This may coincide with a particular employee's hours, making it apparent an inside job or a breach of security may have been responsible in getting merchandise out of the door.

Find Out If Other Stores Have Footage As Well

If a neighboring store has also been a victim of theft, you may be able to pinpoint who is to blame by comparing sightings on video footage they have obtained. Checking the footage to see if the same customers have frequented the stores may help both businesses in finding out who the culprit was for the shoplifting sessions. Suspicious behavior may be noticed on another shop owners video showing a person with the items they had stolen from your store in their possession.

Watch For Particular Mannerisms

If someone comes into your store and glances around searching for video surveillance before and after they do their browsing, there is reason to be wary of their actions. They may be trying to locate a spot within your store where they can stuff an item into a pocket or under a shirt. If customers avoid looking up and they keep their head obscured from view, they may very well be trying to steal something without being able to be identified afterward. The use of hats, wigs, and sunglasses inside of your store is another tip off that someone may be trying to take something without paying for it.

Be Aware Of People Going Into Private Areas

Be especially watchful of someone who takes clothing into a dressing room as they may come out with less items then when they had gone inside. People heading for the restroom with items in tow may also be trying to take something. It is important to have a policy in place regarding bringing merchandise into these areas. Hiring someone to check items before a customer goes into a dressing room and providing a spot for customers to place items when using the restroom will be helpful in reducing theft chances.