Planning Support For Businesses Without IT Departments

24 April 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


Not every business needs a permanently-staffed team of IT (Information Technology) professionals. Unless your business regularly produces technical content or has some significant hazards that cause computers to break on a weekly basis, a couple of in-person staff members augmented with a contracted business IT service would be fine. In some cases, a contracted IT staff is perfectly fine. If you're a business leader who needs IT solutions on rare occasions, here are a few ways that business IT professionals can deliver the services you need.

Remote Support Services For A Lower Cost

Many technical support needs are so minor that it's hardly worth the effort for a tech to walk to the computer, let alone get paid for it. Small tasks such as assisting in program installation/uninstallation, cleaning up old files, or running basic updates can be performed as part of a batch service instead of tasking a single person to perform menial tech tasks.

Remote service business IT firms can deliver quick updates and basic computer services without visiting the job site in person, and multitasking these services on different computers is a simple task for professionals. Costs are lower not because of the simplicity of the task, but by managing multiple clients as part of a checklist of tasks. 

If you're not concerned about the personal touch and just want these small tasks done, this is the best option in terms of cost and effectiveness. If you need that personal touch, or would rather have a technician dedicated to your work requests, hiring a firm that dedicates a technician to prioritize your business' needs is possible--although more expensive.

Field Technicians For Site Visits

If you need a physical technician to visit the job site to perform hardware repairs, upgrades, and installations, a business IT group can handle the vetting for you. Most business IT companies with dispatch services will search your local area for talent that can perform the job and reliably make it to the job site. This can be anything from a weekly or monthly visit for specific tasks to barely being called at all, or even having a third party technical staff that isn't directly on your payroll.

For businesses that rarely call in technicians or have multiple technicians performing site visits, security is a tried and true process of having a verifiable ID and a business IT number to call if you want to be sure the right person is at your door.

Contact a business IT professional to discuss service plans and finding the abilities of local talent.