Aircraft Avionics—When To Work With A Service Shop

1 May 2023
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Avionic systems are crucial for aircraft and include things like navigation and communication equipment. If you ever run into these situations with one, then be sure to work with an avionics service shop.

Annual Inspection Is Necessary

Regardless of what type of aircraft you manage, its avionic system needs to be inspected on an annual basis for safety reasons. If you're coming up on this inspection interval, then you'll need to work with an avionics service shop. They can perform a formal assessment that's also compliant, so you can rest assured the right aspects of this system are assessed in great detail. Annual inspections performed by a service shop help you see if there are things that need to be adjusted. For instance, maybe the navigation system isn't responding and this needs to be fixed before your aircraft is used again in the future.

Avionic System Has Become Obsolete

If you've had the same avionic system in your aircraft for many years now, it may reach the point of becoming obsolete. This isn't something to ignore because it could affect the overall safety of your aircraft. You should have the avionic system looked at by a service shop. They can see how the system has become dated, whether it's the responsiveness or convenience that it provides to your flight crew members. In any case, the service shop can make adjustments that restore optimal performance and give you ample confidence in the air once again.

Complex Technical Issue Surfaces

Avionic systems can be pretty complex, which means complex technical issues can happen with them from time to time. If you ever face one, such as the system bringing up an error code that you don't know how to work around, then it's probably for the best to hire an avionics service shop. They'll know exactly how to respond to the technical issue, despite how complex you might think it seems. The repair technicians at the shop have seen pretty much everything as far as avionics complications, so they can figure out a resolution that's permanent and keeps your system fully functional. 

If you manage an aircraft for important operations, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the avionic system and its performance. If anything happens to the system, you can have it looked at by a service shop. Then you'll get answers and can complete timely repairs and adjustments that prevent critical issues.  

Contact a local aircraft avionics service shop to learn more.