What To Do If Your Phone Charger Breaks Or Gets Lost While On The Go

8 March 2017
 Categories: Technology, Blog


It's fairly routine for most people to keep portable cell phone chargers on their person, even when they are just going for a casual stroll. Phone outlets are just about as accessible as public WiFi connections these days, so as long as your mobile phone has sufficient power, you can make calls, look up numbers, view your calendar, send emails, and get directions. The trouble comes in when your dependable phone charger can't be found or no longer works, and you only have moments to get to your phone charged before it loses power fully.

The Begging Approach

If it feels uncomfortable asking perfect strangers if they have a compatible cell phone charger available that you will be able to use, it's because asking people you don't know for a favor is very much like begging. Most people carry phone chargers because they need them, and the vast majority are going to point you in the direction of Samsung charging stations rather than part with their precious electronic accessories.

Asking others to borrow their phone chargers is mostly seen as an inconvenience because it is. They have to stick around while your phone charges, and remember that two phones can't be powered by standard chargers at the same time. Rather than hopelessly asking strangers for favors, you should look up Samsung charging stations within walking distance prior to your phone losing power.

Convenient Phone Charging Stations

In major cities like New York, Samsung charging stations have been advertised in storefronts for over a decade. Everyone forgets to charge their phone at some time or another, and buying a new charger doesn't immediately get your mobile device the power that it needs. At a Samsung charging station, you have access to what are known as fast chargers, which are accessories that will restore full power within minutes instead of it taking hours for your phone to gain a full charge.

You can continue to use your phone as it charges if you really need to, but there are also waiting areas for you to sit patiently and keep yourself occupied for the few short minutes it takes to get your phone juiced up. Ideally, you already know about several charging stations that you can go to on your way to work or as you make your way to that very important appointment. The services offered at Samsung charging stations are affordable, keeping in mind the fact that portable phone chargers can generally be purchased for a few dollars. Contact a company like TYLT for more information.