Tips To Help Save Your Construction Business Money And Keep Your Equipment Well-Maintained

8 June 2016
 Categories: Technology, Articles


As the owner of a construction business and construction equipment, it is important to do all you can to ensure your equipment maintains its value. This can help your construction equipment to last as long as possible for you with as little downtime as necessary, and can help you get the most resale value if you ever need to sell your equipment. Here are three tips to help you keep your equipment well-maintained and save your construction business money.

Track and Record Equipment Usage

Poor maintenance is one of the main reasons construction equipment breaks down and falls into disrepair. With the right type of historical data tracking software installed with your equipment, information about regular maintenance and repairs will be tracked and recorded so you don't miss any regular maintenance.

Data historian software can track such information as a construction machinery's hours in use, fuel consumption, location, maintenance and repair records, and dashboard alerts. Then, the software can compile reports about each of your construction equipment's history and notify you when any attention is needed.

Then, as you have historical maintenance reports and it is time to sell any of your equipment, you will be able to provide to potential buyers maintenance and repair records for each piece of construction equipment. This can help increase the value of your equipment. When a buyer knows when and what maintenance and repairs were made, they will know if the piece of machinery was taken care of or not. 

Manage Regular Mechanical Maintenance

When your equipment's data software alerts you to a piece of construction equipment's needing repairs or maintenance, it is important to take action. Take the time to have a mechanic do the work, such as checking and replacing fluids and lubricating the machinery, when necessary. Also, it is important to check for any leaks in hydraulic or fuel lines and to check the condition of electrical lines. 

It is also important to order and replace any broken and damaged parts, so the machinery can be kept in good condition. Often, when a worn out part is not replaced on equipment, it can cause more damage to the machinery, causing more money and downtime. 

Take Care of the Equipment's Appearance

Just as you take care of the mechanical areas of your construction equipment, you should also take care of your equipment's exterior. This includes details such as the appearance and condition of the body and frame of the machinery. According to Ritchie Brothers, a construction equipment auction company, a dirty exterior and well-worn interior of a piece of heavy construction can decrease a piece's value by thousands of dollars. Make sure you clean both areas regularly during a machine's regular maintenance.

It is also important to repair any exterior cracks and frame damage as soon as possible to keep your equipment in its best condition. Then, if you ever need to sell it, it is already in a good condition. The appearance of the exterior and interior operator's area of your equipment shows to potential buyers how well or how poorly you have cared for your machinery. 

You should also take extra care to the condition and appearance of the operator's chair in a piece of machinery. A damaged operator's chair can make operating the machinery uncomfortable and unsafe for you, your employees, or a potential buyer. Would you want to operate a piece of heavy machinery while sitting in a broken or damaged chair for an entire work day? To remedy this problem, you can buy and install an operator chair cover to help protect the chair from damage and improve the operator's work environment. Then, in the event you need to resell your equipment, an operator chair in good condition on your equipment can add value to the machinery and help you get more out of its sale. 

Use this information to help keep your construction equipment in the best condition for your business.