Make The Most Of Your Hunting Trip With A Two Way Radio

24 May 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog


From kids to adults, there are numerous reasons why it is good to have a two way radio handy, but for hunters it is an essential tool that can used for emergencies, communicating to your hunting partners, and getting information about buck locations. Cell phones are carried by almost everyone these days but they don't always get the best signals especially if you are in a remote location. If you really want to make sure you are able to communicate with others regardless of where you are, then a two way radio is something you want to make sure you pack with you before heading out. Here are some other great benefits of bringing along a set of two way radios. 

Communicate During Emergencies

When you are out in the woods hunting for bucks, you never know what other type of animals are lurking out there that could end up putting you in danger. Additionally, trucking through the rough terrain can cause injuries that make it difficult to get back to home base. In fact, out of 16.3 million hunters who went out, over 8,000 reported injuries while afield. While it may seem like a small percentage, you want to make sure you are prepared while hunting should an injury occur. While a cellphone could also be helpful in an emergency, you have to make sure you have a signal in order to use it. A two way radio allows you to communicate with others without a cellphone signal. 

Communicate with Several Partners

Going hunting alone can be very dangerous. It is always advisable to go with several people to remain safe. When trying to communicate with several people all at once, the best way to do this is through a two way radio. Using a satellite two way radio allows you to communicate with more than just one hunter so that everyone remains in communication. When communicating, you want to make sure you program the radio's call sound to a wild animal sound so it does not throw off your prey. There are several channels you can use to communicate with different people. The lower channels are more likely to have more chatter than some of the higher channels. 

Communicate Your Location

It is always a good idea to communicate with others your location to get a better idea of where you can get your buck. By having a two way radio, it is much easier to locate both the prey and other hunters. Being in constant communication can help you determine where you should set up in relation to other hunters.