Top Tips For Phone Repair: Your Guide To Fixing Common Issues

28 August 2023
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Phones are remarkable devices, but like any piece of technology, they can encounter problems. Whether it's a cracked screen, a malfunctioning battery, or an unresponsive home button, there are ways to repair these issues and get your phone back to optimal performance. Here are some top tips to guide you through common phone repairs. 1. Screen Repair One of the most common phone issues is a cracked or shattered screen. In the event of screen damage, it is imperative to promptly seek repair to mitigate the risk of exacerbating any existing issues. Read More 

Aircraft Avionics—When To Work With A Service Shop

1 May 2023
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Avionic systems are crucial for aircraft and include things like navigation and communication equipment. If you ever run into these situations with one, then be sure to work with an avionics service shop. Annual Inspection Is Necessary Regardless of what type of aircraft you manage, its avionic system needs to be inspected on an annual basis for safety reasons. If you're coming up on this inspection interval, then you'll need to work with an avionics service shop. Read More