Don’t Throw Away Your Old, Broken Laptops: 3 Parts That You Can Sell

21 October 2014
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Americans throw away 80 to 85% of electronic products into landfills or incinerators every year. Before you think about throwing away that old, broken laptop that you believe is worthless, think again. Some companies or sites like are willing to purchase old, broken laptops to repair them; however, if your laptop is quite ancient, you can still take it apart and sell the parts separately. Here are 3 parts that you can sell to get some of your money back. Read More 

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Alarm System?

2 September 2014
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Your alarm system is an integral part of keeping your possessions safe. Many thieves will avoid homes that have security systems installed, since they are a more difficult mark. For anyone that does choose to target you, a security system improves your chances of a catching the thief and recovering your stolen property. Ask yourself these questions to determine if your system could use an upgrade. Are Parts of Your System Simply Outdated or Worn Out? Read More 

Advantages Of Using Security Cameras As In Home Monitoring In Wisconsin Rapids WI

28 January 2014
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When it comes to home monitoring in Wisconsin Rapids WI, one of the things you should not ignore is surveillance cameras. Home security is something you should not take for granted, and every little thing that you should use for your safety is welcomed. Security cameras can be placed outside the house, inside the house and even in both places. The advantages of security cameras include: Monitoring Multiple Rooms One headache in home monitoring in Wisconsin Rapids WI is securing multiple rooms. Read More